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JOYE 510






The JOYE 510 is sold under several names demand only a real JOYE 510 dont be fooled by inexpensive copycats sold by your local brick and mortar stores. Demand a real 510 made only by Joyetech the inventor and manufacturer of the only real 510, eGo-T, eGo-C or eVic e-cigarette.

This is by far the most popular and best performing Electronic Cigarette on the market. It has 2 manual batteries, 2 atomizers, charger and 5 cartridges. It has the right blend of throat hit and good flavor to make everyone happy! This is an excellent value. Most Electronic Cigarettes only come with one atomizer. This one comes with 2 atomizers and 2 manual batteries. Manual batteries offer a lot of advantages and control offering better throat hit that you want.

The Joye 510 Starter kit includes the following:

1.  2 atomizers.
2.  2 manual batteries.
3.  1 Charger
4.  1 AC plug for the charger
5.  5 cartridges in high strength
6.  Instruction manual

It is recommended that you purchase Smoke Juice / E-Liquid so that you can refill your cartridges when they are low on liquid.

Usage and Maintenance Instructions

By Joyetech

How do you smoke the Electronic cigarette?

E-smoking is different from normal smoking. E-smoking is a matter of inhaling rather then smoking. When you inhale, you should consider the following: Do not inhale continuously or for a long period. Do not puff too hard too fast or too many times in a short period of time. This will have a negative effect on the cigarette function Always puff slowly allowing 5 seconds between puffs to let the atomizer rest in between puffs. Heavy use of a  E-cigarette can lead to more frequent part needs or malfunctions. If you wish to inhale more frequently it is best to use 2 E-cigarettes and alternative between the 2. Do not use liquids or cartridges other than those delivered with your e-cigarette.